He meets us on the street corners.

Whoa, the Spirit is churning my heart so much these days! There are so many layers to what is happening in the world and I want to encourage you to 1. receive what the Lord says to/through Habakkuk 2. put on a new lens through which you see the world. Maybe this looks like shifting… Continue reading He meets us on the street corners.


the woman at Starbucks.

Oh gosh, it has been a while (I keep saying that?) and I can feel it in my bones. I need to release. College is crazy, new job is awesome, free time is limited, quiet time is starving. This week has been an evaluation week for me, and I've concluded that I'm doing too much to… Continue reading the woman at Starbucks.

God healed my back: (II: miracles happen in present day life).

I kept ya hanging there for a while, huh? (If you're confused, check out how God healed my back: (I: brutal journey). Let's go back to the where I left off: So I was having all the symptoms of a heart attack (chest pain, left arm pain, chills, shortness of breath, jaw pain, lightheadness, nausea...) after the… Continue reading God healed my back: (II: miracles happen in present day life).