healing: a vision.

I'm keeping this short and sweet on purpose, because I don't want to get in the way of what the Lord might want to bring you through this vision of healing He gave me while I was on the Women's Walk With Christ weekend at the beginning of the month: God was bringing me in… Continue reading healing: a vision.


2018 reflections: “faithful.”

2018 was an interesting year. God's story for me is so much different than the story I would've written for myself, but He's proved Himself faithful to me as He's taught me how to remain faithful in Him in the mundane, the answered prayers, the disappointments, the humbling.. As I reflect on 2018 right now,… Continue reading 2018 reflections: “faithful.”

why I don’t love “the kids’ table.”

Hang in there with me! I'm very sensitive to age-ism, especially in regards to the treatment, language, and expectations/assumptions surrounding children.. Growing up, I always felt that my age was a hindrance. "You're too young to make decisions by yourself," "You're not old enough to talk to adults like they're friends," "When you're older, ______,"… Continue reading why I don’t love “the kids’ table.”