why I don’t love “the kids’ table.”

Hang in there with me! I'm very sensitive to age-ism, especially in regards to the treatment, language, and expectations/assumptions surrounding children.. Growing up, I always felt that my age was a hindrance. "You're too young to make decisions by yourself," "You're not old enough to talk to adults like they're friends," "When you're older, ______,"… Continue reading why I don’t love “the kids’ table.”


praying for my…

Future husband. Yep. To be completely honest, I have zero (like, below zero) desire to date anyone, at all right now. The idea of being in a relationship is laughable and so not something I think about the way I used to (hellooooo hormones). So when God began nudging me to start praying again for… Continue reading praying for my…

God healed my back: (II: miracles happen in present day life).

I kept ya hanging there for a while, huh? (If you're confused, check out how God healed my back: (I: brutal journey). Let's go back to the where I left off: So I was having all the symptoms of a heart attack (chest pain, left arm pain, chills, shortness of breath, jaw pain, lightheadness, nausea...) after the… Continue reading God healed my back: (II: miracles happen in present day life).